What is a Garage Door Spring?

What is a Garage Door Spring?

Did you know that garage doors weigh over 100 pounds? And some even up to 400? If that kind of lifting is outside your workout wheelhouse, you’re in luck. Garage doors are equipped with springs, making them easier to lift or for your garage door opener to do the lifting for you.

Garage doors have two types of springs:

Torsion Springs

  • Torsion Springs are found in the shaft above the garage door. They wind or unwind to help raise or lower your door.

Extension Springs

  • Extension Springs are smaller and found along the sides of the door. Like their name implies, they extend (or contract) to open or close your door.

Majority of doors operate on a torsion spring, as they have more longevity, lasting at least five years, on average. Several things can hinder the effectiveness of a garage door torsion spring, including excessive use, rust, and cold weather. Keep in mind, a damaged spring can cause that heavy door to fall or close quickly, possibly causing a serious injury.

To prolong the use of your garage door, and avoid the possibility of injury, have your opener looked at by a professional if you notice unusual changes in its operation. Get in touch with us today if you need garage door repair Maricopa AZ

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